The world's first multi-qubit mobile quantum processor

XeedQ brings Quantum Processing to your reach.

By 2030, Quantum computers will influence our daily life, trade, finance, health and global peace. XeedQ provides you with the head-start today to innovate your next-big thing.

XQ1 is the first multi-qubit mobile quantum processor that is room-temperature operable, energy-efficient, green and an affordable device that you can buy now – elegantly fits in your home office.

It’s nice to be ahead of the curve!

Your Own Quantum Processor

XQ1 enables you to adopt quantum solutions for your needs today and be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities – simply plug‐n‐play.

Multi qubit quantum processor

XQ1 is a modular 4+ qubit quantum processor, offers you to develop, design and perform actual quantum operations and algorithms.

Diamond Standards

The remarkable spin qubits and our innovations joins together to create quantum processors that are robust, affordable, practical and that offers routes for scaling-up.

Most Affordable

The room-temperature functionality and the solid-state nature of the technology allows our systems, to excel in energy-efficiency, cost of ownership , size and usability.

Equip yourself for the next era of computing

XeedQ is on the cutting edge of quantum computing, and it provides an open platform for you to play with your creativity by harnessing this revolutionary new technology.

We offer our 4+ qubits system now and periodically release products with increasing quantum metrics and envisage to deliver 256+ qubit mobile quantum processors by 2026.

Lead the revolution - Quantum 2.0

XeedQ prepares you to innovate the “next-big-thing” in computing

Quantum Algorithms

Quantum processors natively offers the quantum features of superposition and entanglement to be used for computational advantages in problem solving. Innovate the next billion-dollar algorithm!


Quantum systems offer encryption standards that are virtually impossible to breach. Welcome to future-proof quantum secure communications on a mobile foot-print.

Quantum Enhanced AI

Synergy of AI and Quantum computers offers untapped new potentials. XQ systems delivers the “Quantumness” to augment hybrid-computing, not simply to supplement.


Quantum processors offer better modeling, resources optimization, enhancing the AI/ML decision making in AML and Security.


Quantum assisted cures and therapeutics - structure prediction, target identification, process optimization, and pharmacogenetic modeling.

Quantum advantages and Opportunities

A quantum processor with unparalleled performance in extreme operating conditions – our XQi – series are built to customer specific requirements.


Reserve XQ1i now

A robust quantum processor that offers the highest performance standards in mobile, secure, modular systems that are fully customizable. We offer an end-to-end quantum solutions for your needs from design, development, applications and adaptations.

Take a Quantum Leap with XeedQ

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