About Us

XeedQ GmbH is a Deeptech company based in Leipzig, Germany that specializes in quantum information technology. We are a team of professionals with exceptional track records in technology, business, and entrepreneurship. Our technology team has a combined experience of more than 50 years, outstanding publications and R&D achievements. Our business team has more than 100 years of combined experience in entrepreneurship, corporate affairs and finance.

We at XeedQ GmbH believe that the most disruptive innovations of the imminent quantum computing revolution would emerge from unknown entrepreneurs working from their garage or a dorm, very similar to the dawn of the information technology era. So, XeedQ GmbH mission is to deliver affordable quantum processors to these innovators and early adopters to give a head start and catalyse their “next-big-thing”.

We wish to be a market leader to provide the affordable, sustainable, powerful and practical quantum infrastructure that enables next-generation technopreneurs. Currently, XeedQ GmbH is open to investors, partners and collaborators who share our passion to embrace the dawn of a quantum revolution.

XQ1 - 4+ qubit mobile quantum processor, 3 Dec 2021