Game-changer in quantum computing: Mobile quantum processor from XeedQ

December 3, 2021
Leipzig, Germany – XeedQ GmbH unveiled today the world’s first mobile quantum processor and set new standards in quantum computing on size, mobility and energy efficiency.

This first-in-market mobile quantum processor XQ1 system is a 4+ qubit processor made from spins in diamond. The device is functional at room-temperature, powered from a wall socket and rugged to operate in an office or home environment. In an eco-system dominated by room-sized, power-hungry quantum processing devices, the XQ1 is a game-changer: it is mobile, green and breaks the barrier to widespread adaptation of quantum processors today into value-chains to be prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges.

“The genesis of XQ1 came with a core idea that for any impactful revolution the technology should be viable, scalable and sustainable. Solid-state spin-qubits in diamond function exceptionally well in ambient conditions, so naturally, we were able to innovate the rest and break free the mind-block that quantum processors need to be tied down in research labs” said Dr Gopi Balasubramanian, CEO and Co-founder of XeedQ GmbH. “Currently we offer XQ1 a 4+ qubit system for customers to try hands-on, order and integrate the quantum-edge into their needs today, and upgrade to higher quantum-compute-powers when they become available. Our product roadmap for the next years ensures a constant computational edge in this eco- system and deliver 256+ qubit quantum processors by 2026 and ultra-high compute- powers before the turn of the decade without compromising on mobility, sustainability and energy efficiency.”

XeedQ GmbH based in Leipzig, Germany has a strong technology and business team to enable this revolutionary DeepTech from hype to game-changer or a dream to reality. XeedQ believes that the most disruptive innovations of the quantum computing revolution would emerge from unknown technopreneurs working from their garage or a dorm; very similar to the dawn of the IT revolution. Here, XeedQ GmbH mission is to deliver practical quantum-edge to these innovators and early adopters to give a head start and catalyze their “next-big-thing”. The constraint-free operation of this technology together with the green and mobile aspects brings the quantum advantages open to wider prospects in every-day-use than previously imaginable. This also permits XeedQ to address a much broader customer/innovator base than traditional quantum computing vendors. It is not an overstatement that XeedQ GmbH is poised to play a pivotal role in the dawn of a quantum revolution and reshaping society and life as we know it.