Advancing quantum education in Germany, together with our partners

XeedQ is at the forefront of the joint project “QUAntenkommunikation netzweRke Kompetenz für die gesellSchaft” (QUARKS), which is receiving over 4.47 million euros in funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project, coordinated by Prof. Frank Fitzek from the TUD Dresden University of Technology (TUD), aims to advance quantum communication by making the application potential of this high technology for business and society tangible and is aimed in particular at skilled workers from industry and society as well as school pupils from year 10 upwards. With it’s XQ1 mobile quantum processor, XeedQ aims to pave the way for fault-tolerant quantum computers for the mass market.

Read more: https://tu-dresden.de/tu-dresden/newsportal/news/rund-4-5-millionen-euro-bundesfoerderung-fuer-die-allgemeinverstaendliche-vermittlung-von-quantentechnologien